Ibiyaya lets you be sweet with the hairy baby and happy “gang”! [/vc_column_text]

A bright blue Iiyaya II dual-purpose pet trailer is running freely outside the Van Gogh Forest in the Netherlands after the owner’s bicycle, and two little hairy children sit in the trailer and look at the owner’s back, looking around the lush greenery with peace of mind, and enjoying the baptism of Phytoncologist and sunshine with the owner.

In Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, known as the “Beverly Hills of Korea”, the Ibiyaya inflatable tire bullet champion cart is like a high-end motorhome wandering briskly on the street, passers-by have stopped to look sideways, and the hairy children who protrude from the bright red cart stare at the breeze and sunlight, imagining that they are running on the grass with their owners.

In the atrium garden of the Lady’s Boutique Department Store in Taipei’s Xinyi Planning District, the hostess who has enjoyed exquisite afternoon tea gracefully and deftly pushes the cart to continue shopping, not worrying at all that the hairy child who is asleep in the Ibiya French elegant style of the lotus pink new wave point pet tricycle will wake up.

Ibiyaya comes from a Maltese dog Ibbi who accompanied the owner back to Taiwan from Australia, the owner and Ibbi go everywhere together, but suffering from the market easy to use, good-looking and comfortable pet cart and carry limited choices, the dog and the family with design background so set up Ibiyaya, a hand-kit design and development, compared to the stroller SGS standard, do not use second-hand plastic, with solid and non-toxic materials to manufacture “boutique” pet carriers.

Since its inception in 2003, ten years of success, now Ibiya has expanded from a well-known brand in the domestic market to the global market, the product line has also developed carts, bags, pet furniture and accessories, etc., every year to launch new designs and new styles, listen carefully to consumer responses as a design reference, leading the trend trend, set high quality standards for the industry, Ibiyaya let the hair children and the owner sweetly make love, always inseparable!

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